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When it comes to tech, we benefit great from technological advancements these days.Everything has a computer in it, and we have super computers in our pockets. It’s truly a strange and marvelous time to be alive. With all of the benefits of tech at our fingertips, we can do great things, or simply lead great lives. It all depends on the person. For example, I aim to use the tech at my disposal to “pen” a novel, while many of us are content to simply entertain ourselves or keep in touch with family. Naturally, there are those doing important work with modern tech, as well. Some of which will then go on to further improve tech, like some sort of hi tech ouroborus.  Truly, you can do so many things on the internet that were once much more complex. For example, you used to have to call or visit a travel agency to book a hotel room, book a flight, etc., but now you can simply do all of that online with services like Hotwire. You can all of your shopping, for the most part, online with sites like Amazon, and you can even sell unwanted or handcrafted goods with eBay and Etsy, respectively. Remember the good ol’ days when video calls were the stuff of sci fi? Well, here we are, and the future is now! We can now watch movies and TV shows on our schedule with streaming services like Netflix and Hulu, and we, ourselves, can broadcast our own video products live with livestreams. Speaking of video production, an entire industry has come out of the internet woodwork via YouTube and Twitch where anyone with the necessary equipment can produce video content and potentially have it seen by millions and make a living off of what would otherwise be a hobby.

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